Improve Your Health

Anna-Karin Aksberg grew up in Stockholm, Sweden, food was always an important part of her life. Her mother cooked everything from scratch: baking bread, sprouting beans – hers was probably the only family who ate brown rice in the 1970s.
She moved to London in the 90s and worked as a Project Manager in the City. Long hours and late nights meant she ate on the go, and didn’t exercise enough.
It was when she and her husband decided to try for a baby she realised how much her health had deteriorated. A stressful job and a poor diet had taken its toll and she couldn’t conceive.

That’s when she decided to go back to her roots to focus on her diet. She read a few books about food, health and fertility, did her own research and started to make changes. She began feeling better almost instantly and got pregnant through IVF.
She decided to study nutritional therapy. She works according to the Functional Medicine principles that everyone is unique; her food and lifestyle protocols are bespoke to suit individual preferences and requirements.

Aksberg Nutrition

  • Are you confused which diet is best for you?
  • Why are you not feeling great?
  • Where has your energy gone?

Anna-Karin is certain that all her clients, after completed her programs, know what to eat, how to eat, when to eat and also be armed with some great lifestyle changes to sustain optimal health. Nutritional Therapy is for life and not a quick fix. Although many notices a rapid health improvement even by implementing small changes to their diet and/or lifestyle.

Anna-Karin’s aim and passion are to establish long term and sustainable solutions for her clients, to help and support her clients to feel healthy, happy and to have abundance with energy. She believes that everyone can feel better by finding out the root causes, triggers and drivers to their current health issues, and by removing and replacing those with food and lifestyle changes.

Many of the clients who come to see Anna-Karin have started to accept that how they feel is “normal”. Women may think PMS is something normal, or that menopausal issues are something to simply cope with and survive, other issues such as lack of energy or weight issues are due to getting older or again something to cope with, or that bloating and stomach issues are difficult to resolve. By guidance and with a thorough case taking, Anna-Karin will help and support you to figure out why your health isn’t optimal; which foods and lifestyle choices may cause you problems and which changes would be beneficial for you.

After three years of studying nutritional therapy, Anna-Karin is continuously attending seminars and reading the latest studies to stay up-to-date with the most recent research in the field of nutrition. She attended a foundation course in Functional Medicine and is working in accordance to these principles. Everyone is unique and we all have our own personal journey throughout life.

Anna-Karin works with bespoke recommendations to fit in with your requirements, culture and lifestyle. With Anna-Karin you get a no nonsense, no fad Scandi approach. She works with realistic guidelines that are easy to follow. You get a hands-on personal journey, where Anna-Karin will guide you and support you through any obstacles and/or difficulties you may find.

To establish your unique requirements, Anna-Karin offers a 30 min discovery call free of charge. This is to be able to offer you the best solution for you. Please get in touch to book your session.