Improve Your Comms

Helen Rennie-Smith is passionate about communication. Her background in different companies and organisations has given her solid experience from a wide spectrum of communications, from straight forward advertising to the more subtle public affairs and everything in between.
The classical philosophers like Plato, Aristotle and Cicero have inspired Helen to model modern communications on the classical principles of rhetoric. The old boys knew how to get a message through and the human mind has not changed much. Only the technology.

Make them listen!

Helen Rennie-Smith offers sustainable communication strategies for individuals, SMEs and organisations. She assesses:

  • your message, what to say and how,
  • your communication tools, which channels to use, and
  • your target groups.

Most of all she will focus on how to make your audience listen. You can howl as loud as any old wolf but in cyberspace no-one can hear you scream if you don’t know how to cut through the noise.

Helen’s career in different companies and organisations has given her an understanding of both the receiver and the sender side of communications. Today Helen’s aim is to design any message to be easily digestible to achieve maximum effect for her clients.

With her no-nonsense approach Helen will help you build your communication strategy and coach you to implement it successfully.

Workshops & Packages

Make Them Listen – a 4×2 hours workshop on how to build and deliver your message.
Lobby Your MP – a 2 hours webinar to prepare for presenting your case in Westminster.
Communication Strategy – build a sustainable action plan which answers questions like “How?”, “When?” and “What?”.

Get in touch for a chat about how you can make people listen!