Improve Your W/L Balance

Susanna Daag is a successful entrepreneur who created a business in the healthcare sector in Sweden. Being a single mother didn’t stop Susanna to follow her vision to start her own company. After 20 years working in employment as a senior manager, she decided to follow her dream.

In less than ten years she has managed to build a thriving company with over 500 employees.  She is now a board member and responsible for the strategic planning of the company.

Susanna is devoted and committed to helping others reaching their full potential, whether it is in their personal life or professional life. She is an International Certified Coach (ICF) and has brought together her knowledge of starting up and running a business with her passion for mentoring and coaching. She has designed two different programs.

”No Nonsense” small business coaching

  • Do you struggle to separate your work life from the rest of your life?
  • Would you like to be independent so that you can support yourself?
  • Are you aware that all aspects of your life will be affected if one part is not working?

The  “No nonsense” business program will help you achieve a balance between a thriving business and personal life.

With Susanna’s simple three step plan you can achieve your goals and reach your full potential.

  • Step 1, identify your strengths, values and passions – who you are and how you want to live your life? As part of this step we will design a sustainable financial plan as a foundation for reaching your goals.
  • Step 2, create the ”No Nonsense Business Plan” by setting goals both for your personal life and your business. The plan contains how to:
    • run your business
    • where and how to find clients
    • find a balance for your business and personal life
  • Step 3, “Ready to go” in which you implement the “No Nonsense business plan” by having:
    • regular sessions with a one to one personal accountability mentor
    • access to group coaching sessions to keep you on track
    • regular business plans reviews with your mentor

Walk and Talk – individual life coaching
Walk and talk coaching is a form of life coaching where we will use the power of nature and movement in the coaching session. Researcher claim that by being outdoors we improve our focus and learning. We will look at your strengths, values and passions and design your personal achievable goals.

Workshops and Talks

Outside for Insight
The Scandinavian way of learning is outdoors

Research shows that by being outdoors improve our focus and learning so in true Scandi style we are elevating two of our workshops by taking them to the woods! These workshops are delivered together with Vanja Sandelin-Blair.

  • Outside for Insight – Professional
    Learn how to adopt a coaching management style the Scandi way. It has been established that a coaching management style makes employees take greater personal responsibility as they find their own solutions to their everyday work challenges, leaving more time for you to do other things.
  • Outside for Insight – Personal
    Learn essential coaching skills and how to use it in your everyday life. Learn how to listen actively and ask those questions that make people talk.

No Nonsense

Do we need “vision, mission and an ideal client” in a small business? A workshop about “No Nonsense business building”.

Contact Susanna for a free initial discussion about how she can help your team to develop.