Networking by Smörgåsbord

Being an entrepreneur involves networking. Networking is an important factor to meet other like-minded people not only for spreading your word but also a way to support each other and connect people with each other.

Anna-Karin Aksberg was invited to create a delicious and nutritious networking lunch and afternoon tea for a one-day conference organised by SveaBritt , a professional women’s network.

A buffet, or smörgåsbord, as it’s known in Swedish, is a great way to ensure you cater for everyone’s requirements. Make sure there are gluten free and dairy free dishes as well as vegetarian and vegan friendly options.  Anna-Karin’s take this time was to offer a variety of salads with different toppings which gave everyone the opportunity to make their own choice.

“Anna-Karin’s Smörgåsbord is so much more than just a lunch break at the conference,” said one of the participants. “It’s a joy to look at and it provides a chance to chat to people you wouldn’t otherwise have connected with, just because the food is so excitingly yummy.”

The lunch was a success and so was the conference. Food brings people together and this is proof that a smörgåsbord sets the perfect networking backdrop.

Recipe for a Summer Time Smörgårdsbord.