Fresh Air Brings Fresh Thoughts

At the very first Outside For Insight workshop the participants learnt how to use a coaching behaviour in their everyday life whilst walking among bluebells and wild garlic under the blue sky the Scandinavian way.

It was a wonderful day practicing the difference between hearing and listening, and experiencing the impact of active listening.
– We were encouraged to ask those questions which make people talk and opens up their minds, leading to insight and clarity, says Anna, one of the participants.

Learning and practicing these techniques led to several participants actually solving some of their problems during the walk.

Susanna Daag and Vanja Sandelin-Blair developed the concept as they believed there would be benefits by being outdoors, and they were proved right. All participants agreed it was much easier to talk about important subjects being outside, walking side by side. They felt they were relaxed and relieved of pressure.
– The fresh air and the walking made me think outside the box, Edith commented.
– I would never have been able to open up the way I did if we were indoors, Louise admitted.

Keep an eye on ScandiCoLab’s Event Listing below for announcement of further dates or contact us now. More Outside for Insight workshops are planned for people who want to learn new skills which they can use every day – at home and at work. There will also be follow up workshops for participants who wants to further explore coaching behaviour and its benefits in every day life.