From Coffee to a Deal

Marie Rune was having coffee with one of her clients, Sally, going over their schedule for the next couple of weeks. They make sure they meet regularly to allow Marie to organise the diary and free up time.

Suddenly Sally told Marie:

– I have this great prospective client, who’s just cancelled on me – again! I know he’d really benefit from working with me, but he doesn’t give me a chance to tell him how.

Marie asked Sally if she wanted help with approaching him.

– But you take care of my diary… you’re not a sales person, are you?

Just as Marie was about to explain to Sally, she was interrupted.

– Why not? Let’s give it a go.

Sally briefed Marie about his business and the services she wanted to offer him and before long Marie had scheduled a meeting with Sally and her prospect. They are now working together in a mutually prosperous business relationship.

It was – of course – Sally who closed the deal. But this story wouldn’t be worth telling if Marie didn’t take a little pride in actually organising the meeting. With her extensive experience in sales, business development and administration, she can help with far more than diary management – even though that is a core service, and extremely valued by business owners.

Working smart is more important than working hard.

Contact Marie and she will tell you how it works!