Eat Your Way to Beautiful Hair

Anna-Karin Aksberg organised a joint event with a well known and experienced hair salon owner in April 2019 to discuss hair health. Food and lifestyle can have a great impact on your hair quality. Anna-Karin gave some hints and tips to consider to improve your hair health.

One guest said she spends a fortune on hair products but still finds her hair dull and lacking lustre. Another lady said she was losing excessive hair and a third shared how worried she was that her hair has stopped growing.

Hair health can be a reflection on a wide range of underlying causes such as lack of iron, biotin, vitamin E, essential fatty acids or antioxidants. Other reasons may be hormonal health and changes or thyroid and adrenal health. Even your stress level can affect your hair.

Luckily there are many good food sources such as egg, yeast, salmon, cheese, avocado, cauliflower, beans and legumes which will improve your biotin levels, a component which is important for hair health.

If you like to start eating for good hair the first step is to start cooking from scratch, so you know what’s in your food. Contact Anna-Karin for a free taster session!