ScandiCoLab just happened

It would take a new-comer to spot our potential, now, wouldn’t it? For months SWEA Professional had organised breakfast networking meetings for Swedish entrepreneurs in London. It is a really useful forum to raise issues and get feedback and support from like-minded women. But one day a new woman joined and she saw a greater potential.

Five of us wanted to explore this and met for a one-day conference to discuss our opportunities. That’s how ScandiCoLab just happened, like the most natural thing in the world. The basic idea is that the five of us have more to offer together, than each of us can do individually. Our website is a one-stop-shop for a happier life.

In one way or other, we all offer solutions to other business people. ScandiCoLab’s prime purpose is to assist our clients to take charge of their work situation and improve their life quality. Although we approach the subject from different perspectives, we all have the Scandinavian no-nonsense attitude and we get things done.

At this moment we offer a Virtual PA to relieve you of admin, a business and life coach to guide you to make the right decisions, a communications consultant to make you talk, learning and development specialist to strengthen your dynamics and a nutritional therapist to help you achieve a balanced health and lifestyle. All these amazing women’s expertise aim at making your work/life balance a happier one.